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We know investing can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. We are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of investments, and this knowledge allows us to provide our clients with all the tools, to make their investment experience easy. No big terms, no hard math. Straight forward, simple explanations that allow you to be in control of your investments. You tell us what you’re looking for and we find the right fit for you.

Whether you are planning to save for a new car, for your child or grandchild’s education, or for your retirement, we can offer you an investment that is perfect for you, and, help you get the best return.


Have investments somewhere else? No problem!!! Let us see what we can do about transferring them and placing them where your growth is increased at a greater rate. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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Latest Investment News

2023-05-25 - New exhibition Money in 10 Questions: Kids Edition opens at the Bank of Canada Museum
The Bank of Canada Museum is inviting children to visit a new exhibition that is inspired by questions they have about money. Money in 10 Questions: Kids Edition is a play-based experience that helps children understand money and how to handle it. The exhibit opens to the public on May 25 and includes special activities for families.

2023-05-23 - Bank of Canada Museum announces 2023 recipients of Award for Excellence in Teaching Economics
The Bank of Canada Museum is honouring two outstanding educators for their exceptional work in teaching students about the economy.

2023-05-18 - Release of the Financial System Review
Press conference following the release of the Financial System Review.

2023-05-18 - Financial System Review-2023
The adjustment to higher interest rates is exposing vulnerabilities in the global financial system. Recent banking sector stresses serve as a reminder that risks can arise and spread quickly. Key areas of concern are bank funding, liquidity in fixed income markets, and households' ability to service their debts. Other financial system concerns relate to cyber attacks, climate change and cryptoasset markets.

2023-05-12 - Rhys Mendes appointed as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada
The Board of Directors of the Bank of Canada today announced the appointment of Rhys R. Mendes as Deputy Governor, effective July 17, 2023.

2023-05-08 - Bank of Canada launches public consultations on a digital dollar
The Bank of Canada is launching an online public consultation on the features that could be included in a digital Canadian dollar.

2023-05-04 - Getting inflation back to 2%
Governor Tiff Macklem explains that higher interest rates are working to slow inflation but warns that getting all the way back to the 2% target may take time. He also discusses the recent stress in the global banking sector and how financial stability and price stability work together.

2023-04-26 - Summary of Governing Council deliberations: Fixed announcement date of April 12, 2023
This is an account of the deliberations of the Bank of Canada's Governing Council leading to the monetary policy decision on April 12, 2023.

2023-04-24 - The Bank of Canada releases its Annual Report for 2022
The Bank of Canada's Annual Report for 2022 was tabled in the House of Commons today.

2023-04-24 - Bank of Canada releases first report about climate risks to its mandate and operations
The Bank of Canada has released its first annual report outlining the risks that climate change poses to its mandate and operations.